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Whether branding logs headed for the mill or branding your signature steaks at the backyard BBQ BlueFin CNC can manufacture most any logo or design. We can machine your custom insignia into a variety of materials, steel, aluminum, brass and even wood. Typically there are three kinds of brands, woodworkers who wish to burn thier business logo into the finished poduct will have a brand made out of brass which handles the repeated use well. Loggers need durable steel brands welded onto sledge hammer heads for embedding the identifying mark into the ends of logs. A chef will have a custom brand made out of stainless steel to add that final perfect touch to a steak that has been painstakingly prepared for special guests.

Here is an example of a brass branding iron.

This image is from the Dept. of Forestry log brand .PDF directory which contains the official registered brand designs, this was used to design and produce the brass brand in the photo above.

*NOTE - Normally a brand would be reversed to allow for the proper imprint, this example was created to be used as a desk paper weight.



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